Why Choose Rendering and Checking the Appearance

Googlebots are responsible for basic verification of the correctness of the website and its rendering. Unfortunately, they have their own rules, and the algorithms are updated so frequently that it is difficult for ordinary mortals to keep up with them. For years, one of the basic solutions was a test for mobile devices. 2019 was

What Does a Website Look Like Through Google’s Eyes

Rendering a page as Googlebot is nothing more than checking what the website looks like through the eyes of Google robots. This is possible, among others: using Google Webmaster Tools, a tool for professionals provided by the American brand. Thanks to it, you can not only check the appearance of the website and render it,

What is website rendering Rendering pages as a Google

Google robots carefully scan every technical and substantive parameter of the website and verify them with established algorithms. The result of this is the determination of the website’s ranking, which translates into its visibility on the web and position in organic search results. Therefore, websites should be created in such a way as to best

Modification of the Eat Parameter Eat is a Parameter

EAT is a parameter by which Google algorithms until recently assessed the quality of content. Currently, it functions as EEAT, i.e. Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. Content created by experienced specialists, supported by reliable sources, has an advantage over non-unique and unreliable content. What else matters in 2023? You already know the search engine requirements, but

What Activities Does on Page Seo Cover

Some activities performed as part of on-page SEO not only affect the position of the website, but are also responsible for how it appears in search results. This mainly concerns the optimization of titles and meta descriptions and the implementation of structured data rich snippets. Stay updated!Regularly check the rankings of the most frequently searched

Internet Tools for Domain Valuation Are They Worth

Domain valuation is certainly not an easy task. It is difficult to estimate the value of an address on your own, even if you know all the factors influencing it. It is important to remember that such an estimate will never be 100% accurate. There are free tools available on the Internet to estimate the

How to value a domain What Influences the Value

A domain is the name of a website, i.e. an address to which we, as owners, give value through various activities (creating content, acquiring links, generating traffic). Some domains are worth millions, others only a few dozen zlotys. Why such a big discrepancy? Choose phrases like what is the result of addition called?” instead of

20 Hacks for Improving Your Email Subject Lines

When it comes to a successful email marketing campaign, good subject lines can make all the difference. Subscribers will scan the subject lines of virtually every message you successfully get into their inbox, and many will make the decision to open those emails based on the subject line alone. Think for a moment about how hard

How to Be an Email Subject Line Superhero

Your email subject line serves as a first—and sometimes last—impression. So even though we often write subject lines as afterthoughts, in many ways they’re actually more important than the body copy of your email. After all, the greatest email in the world is worthless if it never gets opened, right? As you write your marketing emails, don’t

How to Write Better Subject Lines Using the EMV Index

From these findings, the EMV Index was born. How to Write It’s essentially an algorithm that assesses how a group of words follows these emotional harmonics, and how likely they are to elicit an emotional response from a reader. So, in the context of email marketing, it can be use to assess how much of

How to Determine the Best Length for Your Email Subject Lines

How to Determine which typically show a smaller number of characters. With this in mind, you may wonder if your subject lines should be shorter to accommodate on-the-go subscribers. Is there a secret to the perfect subject line length? Every subscriber list is different, so the perfect subject line length depends on a variety of factors. But it’s

6 Email List Management Best Practices for Growing and Maintaining a Loyal List

But a good email marketing strategy depends on having a strong, loyal list. And, in order to get the kind of healthy, evergreen list you need for top results. Maintaining a Loyal List you need to focus on email list management best practices. Email list management encompasses numerous action items you want to master if