How to Be an Email Subject Line Superhero

Your email subject line serves as a first—and sometimes last—impression. So even though we often write subject lines as afterthoughts, in many ways they’re actually more important than the body copy of your email. After all, the greatest email in the world is worthless if it never gets opened, right? As you write your marketing emails, don’t leave the subject lines to chance. The best subject lines are short, descriptive, and give the reader a reason to explore your message further. Ready to become a subject line superhero? Your training starts here. Check out these 17 subject line styles that get your emails opened.

Subject line styles

Busy, organized people thrive on efficiency. These readers need you to be clear and concise in your subject lines, as time is always an asset. Help them out by placing pertinent information up front in your subject lines. Who couldn’t use a little more clarity these China WhatsApp number data days? Using a command in your email subject line tells the readers exactly what you want them to do. So try starting your subject line with an action verb to encourage a response.

Email subject line wrap up

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Now that you’re an email subject line superhero, it’s time to starting sending those emails. Consider your audience and what technique might work best for them. Remember that the goal of the email subject line is to entice your subscriber to open your email. Here are final tips to keep in mind. Test different techniques over the next few campaigns, or even try two different methods with the same email. What superhero subject lines will you write?


The best subject lines grab attention, and controversy can help you do that. But tread lightly—this strategy requires great care to pull off. You need to know your audience well and create a balance between controversy and information. It’s a gamble, but the Country List payoff can be extraordinary. Conventional search engine optimization wisdom tells us keywords are a vital part of a blog post title. So try applying that same logic to your subject lines. Think critically: What exact phrases might people type into Google? The added benefit: Better searchability for your messages.

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