Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

In Digital Marketing, many things treated as a trend or novelty have already been widely inserted in the market for decades, such as ads on Google and social networks and investments in online marketing equaling traditional media. Here we are going to talk about trends, tools and strategies that will be widely applied in the best marketing teams in 2022 and with high potential to increase results in companies. Digital Marketing Trends for Businesses in 2022. Hotlabz. Image source: unsplash. Slow Content Slow Content is a reflection of users’ mental exhaustion in front of the tons of content they are impacted every day and within that there is a great opportunity for your company to improve the relationship with the public.

During the pandemic thousands of companies

Brought their efforts to the online world, which consequently, overnight, sharply increased content production and competition for users’ attention. It’s a lot of information, every Argentina Business Email List day we are approached with courses, tips, news, sensationalist headlines, memes, e-books, ads, emails… Slow Content is not about producing less content, but it’s about increasing the quality and context of the content produced. Deliver to your audience the content they need, in a way that they can absorb it, in a pleasant and efficient way, with pieces of content distributed on multichannels that complete each other as a whole. Some examples of companies that are successfully applying this strategy are.

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Own channels As part of the content strategy

Distribution tends to become decentralized, many companies that until the. Only used social networks to distribute content, will start to use more of their own channels. Such as emails, websites, podcasts and audiovisual productions — to inform the. Its user with depth when necessary, complementing the pieces of content distributed in other media. Small Data and LGPD in Digital Marketing With the. General Data Protection Country List Law (LGPD) and the privacy policies. Of companies becoming stricter  RGPD , iOS 14.5 and the pressure on. Google  the need arises to build our own databases to guarantee the relationship with the long-term audience. Own communication channels are one of the many ways that companies are forming to guarantee. Authorization, understanding and especially the desire of the user to be part of their database.

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