Now it’s not only government agencies and companies that must have a website, now all schools must also have a website. The school website was create with the aim of disseminating information, promotion, and learning to the community.

The school website itself looks similar to other websites. The difference lies in the cms use and the features in it.

The school website feature was develope to facilitate the navigation of school information and make the website look more structure. The more complete the features use, the easier it will be for parents, guardians, students or prospective students to access information about the school.

In This Article We Will Help Explain to You What Features

After reading this article, we hope you can get a reference for what features nee to be includd when you create a school website.

Slider one of the landmark Nurul Islam School website features
Nurul Islam Tengaran Islamic Trinidad and Tobago B2B List boarding school website develope by techarea
Of the many features use on the school website, there are seven standard features that are sure to exist on every website. These standard features can later be equippe according to the nees of your school.

1. Sliders
When you open the school’s website for the first time, you will definitely go to the homepage or start page which presents several photos that can change automatically. That’s what is calle the slider feature.

Here Are 7 Examples of Basic Features on a School Website

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You can display feature photos representing the school on this slider . For example photos of school buildings, outstanding students, to teachers who are teaching in class.

Make no mistake, displaying quality photos on a slider can make a good first impression for a school. Especially if those who visit are unfamiliar with school conditions.

The next school website feature that must exist is the school profile. The profile section usually contains information that tends to be static, meaning it doesn’t change too often.

Information that does not change can be in the form of a brief history, vision and mission, and school contacts. Meanwhile, information that can change, but not frequently, is the profile of the leadership, infrastructure, and awards given to schools.

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