Popular Figma Plugins that Provide Icon Library

The library icon plugin is a plugin that must be installe by ui ux designers who use figma.

Figma itself is a cloud- base design software that allows you to work collaboratively with your team. This software also has many advantages that can make it easier for you to complete your design work.

One of the advantages is the many plugins that you can use to increase your spee and productivity at work, for example, such as the icon library plugin.

The icon library plugin contains a set of icons that you can use to support the appearance of your design to make it more attractive and easy for users to understand.

By Using the Icon Library Plugin You Don’t Have to Go Through

However, you also nee to know that there is not just one icon library plugin available in figma. There are many choices of icon library plugins with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Are you curious about the library icon plugins that can be use in figma? Watch this article to the end.
If you use other design software Panama B2B List such as photoshop and the like, when you want to add icons to your design, you nee to download and enter them manually into the software. Or you can also make your own icon you want.

You can add icons easily in figma, just install the icon library plugin which is already available in figma community then search for and add the icon you want to use. Much easier and less time consuming.

There are many popular icon library plugins that are commonly use in figma. Here are 5+ figma plugins that provide an icon library.

Feather Icons is One of the Icon Library Plugins Which Consists

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This icon library plugin is open source under the figma community resource license. So, all the available icons you can use for personal or commercial nees.

The type of icon available in feather Country List icons is a type of outline icon or what is often referre to as a line icon . This type of icon gives a cleaner and more modern impression on the appearance of the website or software that you are working on.
Iconduck is an icon library plugin that provides more than 120,000 icons that you can use for both personal and commercial nees.

Not only icons, this plugin also includes emojis, illustrations, logos, flags, and much more. Everything is fully available in iconduck.

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