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Professor bazán tells us in relation to the distinction. That he obtain. Before concluding, our teacher shares the key for those who want to become a teacher who leaves a mark: “ a teacher who leaves a mark is someone who is passionate about their work in the classroom , who manages to find the best way for their students feel happy learning, that he inspires his students and colleagues and is someone who can be trust.” without a doubt, it couldn’t be any other way.this is an old question and there is no doubt that in recent times, in light of advances in the field of artificial intelligence , the debate around it has intensifi: will the machine one day be able to surpass human intelligence?

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Perhaps encourag by the futuristic scenarios propos by science fiction cinema in the first decades of the 20th century, specialists in the field of robotics have manag to develop artifacts capable of carrying out activities similar to human beings . In that sense, there are those who maintain that man would be close to completing an ancient aspiration, namely: that machines do for him the most tious business email list and complex jobs. Half a century ago, when technology began its journey in this field, it was maintain that the possibility of the machine achieving intelligence comparable to that of humans was very remote . However, as professor keith darlington points out in an article for bbva’s

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Open mind magazine , “now many people in the artificial intelligence community think very differently.” ompresent algorithms in today’s world, algorithms have become especially important and there is an explanation for this. The spanish astrophysicist sergio c. Fanjul states that although algorithms – us for centuries – are sequences of indications that, systematically appli to appropriate input data, solve a problem, with the arrival of Country List computers they took on much more prominence and are definitely changing the world . “a computer has a memory, instructions (program), some basic operations, an input and an output,” explains ricardo peña, professor at the faculty of informatics at the

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