You may already know how to learn programming, choose learning resources , and decide to focus on becoming a developer. However, if you choose to become a junior full stack web developer, you need to know a few things. The following is a roadmap for becoming a junior full stack web developer according to chris blakely.

Git source control  every good developer needs to know how to use git, especially when working in a team. You need to learn how to clone repos, create commits, create branches, and merge code.

Debugging – frontend or backend, there will definitely be bugs. Get to know the debugging tools for your ide.

There Are Many Programming Languages ​​that You Can Choose From

Ide ( integrated development environment )- there are many ide you can use, you can choose one and learn from it. You can use visual studio code as your ide.
Methodology (agile  scrum kanban) – when you work in a team, you will likely use the methodology in developing the product, so you need to learn how the methodology works.
As a front-end developer France Mobile Number List there are several tasks that can be done, including:

These are a pair of languages ​​that exist in front-end development. Html is used to position and place elements on a web page, while css is used to style those elements.

Junior full stack web developers are expecte to know the basics of using html to create web pages and styling elements using css. Once you know the basics, you can explore the more advanced features, namely.

Css Grid & Flexbox for Easier Element Layout and Positioning

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Scss to make normal css more manageable through the use of variables
You can go to css-tricks.Com for a comprehensive guide to css. Practice your html and css skills by creating multiple projects.

The next step is to familiarize Country List yourself with css frameworks. Most companies use this because it saves developer time. There are many types of frameworks, and you can choose one and get used to it.

One framework that is popular and used by many companies is bootstrap. Even if there are frameworks that make it easier for you, you need to learn the basics of css beforehand. Because it is possible that you will be faced with adjusting things from time to time based on your team’s project.

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