According to the National Retail Federation, the average Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations in 2021. With so much money trading hands on Valentine’s Day. 45 Valentine’s Email there’s no reason your customers shouldn’t receive Valentine’s Day emails from you.

B2C subject lines

Here are some of our favorite subject lines from the worlds of retail, ecommerce, and other B2C industries. You’ll notice teases for a lot of special offers like gift cards, free gifts, or even free delivery that entice readers to open. We’ve put together Italy phone number data a list of 45 Valentine’s email subject lines your subscribers will love. Plus, you’ll find subject line tips and some examples of great Valentine’s Day email marketing that got our hearts beating a little faster.

B2B subject lines

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Don’t let the florists and jewelers reap all the rewards: Your business can cash in on this holiday too. By sending the right Valentine’s Day emails, with the right subject lines, you too can sweeten your bottom line this February. If you can work an incentive into the subject line, do so. For example, if you’re running an offer for free shipping or a Valentine’s Day sale, be sure to let readers know about it in the subject line. Alluding to your offer ahead of time will increase the likelihood that your subscribers open your email.

Nonprofit subject lines

A Valentine’s Day campaign is also a great time for nonprofit organizations to drive donations, as some on your email list might want to give back this time of year. The ❤️ is one of the most popular emojis. What better occasion to break it out than Country List Valentine’s Day? Several of the subject lines listed above contain a variation of the heart emoji, which means this symbol can be used for a number of email types. If you’re planning to use emojis, be sure it makes sense for your brand. It should fit with your brand’s overall tone. As always, it’s a great idea to a/b test subject lines to see if emojis resonate with your audience.

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