The Importance of IPR for Cosmetic Brands

Although it sounds troublesome and you can actually create a cosmetic brand without having to register IPR, this legal protection can actually provide great benefits for your business. Starting from protecting the image of the company/business, simplifying the process of selling cosmetics, and providing added value to your cosmetic brand, so that it can reach

Understanding IPR and Its Relationship to Cosmetic Brands

Intellectual Property Rights are rights that arise from the results of human thought or creation. Which will then be manifested in a product or process that is utilized for the benefit of humanity. Simply put, IPR can be defined as the right to enjoy certain intellectual results or creativity, economically. In the business world, IPR

Stay Calm and Consistently Promote Your Cosmetic Business

Stay Calm and Consistently Promote Your Cosmetic Business with so many small and medium businesses affected and eventually closed temporarily, it is undeniable that this situation can make anyone panic. However, as a good businessman, you should not panic, okay? The most important thing to do is to remain consistent in maintaining the business, both

Make Sure Your Cosmetics Business Can Be Found Online

Make Sure Your Cosmetics Business Can Be Found Online well, one more thing, if you have used social media as a sales strategy for cosmetic products during the pandemic. Then of course you have to make sure your cosmetic business can be found online, easily and without any hassle. Due to the recommendation to spend

What Is the Best Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing is a key component of most successful marketing programs. Full-featured email marketing software will help you not only execute compelling campaigns, but enhance and improve after each send. Features—Look for features such as customizable email templates, easy-to-use email design, and mailing list management. Most software also includes a variety of post-campaign reports. Analytics—What kind

Migrating your Audiences from Mailchimp to Campaign Monitor

Moving stinks. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the process is never pleasant. And typically, the same goes for moving software tools. Even when you’re switching to a tool you’re excited about, the moving process can be a pain. The interface is slightly different, there are new terms to learn, and getting all

Top 10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

A quick roundup of Mailchimp alternatives for those who are looking for an ESP, or looking to make a switch. When it comes to growing your business, there’s perhaps no medium more important than email. With an ROI that can reach $44 for every $1 spent, email is an incredibly effective medium when it comes

Email Subject Line Tips and Best Practices

Email subject lines can make the difference on whether or not your email gets opened. Even noticed, in a crowded inbox. See what it takes to craft great ones time and time again in this post. In any relationship, your opening line sets the tone for what’s to follow and emails are no different. Your

Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2022: By Industry and Day

It’s been a wild couple of years for email marketers. Sure, you could say that about pretty much everything, but it feels particularly true in the email marketing world, where we have seen some unprecedented statistics and monumental technological changes. We’re here to make sense of it all with our 2022 Email Marketing Benchmarks Report.

24 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know

With so many digital channels available to marketing teams, it can sometimes be difficult to choose. Luckily, there’s no need to limit yourself. As long as email marketing is one of the channels your team leverages, you’ll likely see results from your efforts. That’s why we’ve assembled an impressive collection of 24 email marketing statistics