Tools to manage projects and teamwork

Hard months of work usually come after the summer holidays. It is practically the last push until the end of the year, at which time it will be necessary to take stock and measure whether the objectives have been achieved. At this point in the year you have no choice but to improve your productivity,

Anatomy of blog posts that work successful vs invisible content

In one of our content marketing surveys , 70% of marketers measure. The performance of their content by traffic, 30% by the number of shares it has been shared, and 31% by backlinks earned. However, it is interesting to find out what content features can help increase. Anatomy of blog Visits and make blog articles

Use XOVI Manual in Spanish of the new all-in-one SEO tool

Today I am going to explain to you how XOVI works. An all-in-one SEO tool that I use regularly. We will see together. Step by step. The best and most important functionalities of this new Swiss army knife of online marketing. All readers who follow me regularly know that on more than one occasion I

Storytelling what does it consist of and how to use it in my digital strategy?

Do you know what Storytelling is and how to apply it in your business? Stories. Tales and legends have always been an important part of our society. Through them, we seek to communicate ideas. Feelings or opinions (of any kind) in a more original way to better connect with other people. And it is precisely

An Omnichannel Marketing strategy and why carry it out?

An Omnichannel is the integration of all the existing channels in a market and the ability of a company to communicate. Sell and retain its customers in them. But. Taking into account that an interaction that began in one communication channel can continue in a different one without losing its quality. Therefore, from this definition

Send images from the Internet quickly

Easy and quick installation (It will allow you to discover its potential in just a few steps) You can have your favorite messaging app on different devices. Writing on a computer is much faster in general than on a Smartphone. The conversations are updated at all times on any of the computers on which you

Send files from your computer to your mobile and vice versa

I’m not going to go into detail now about what type of information and content you should add to each of these pages, because Claudio would throw me to the lions when he saw a post of 20,000 words, so that’s for another post. How to make an attractive website. Not everyone is going to

Read messages without the other person knowing

Listen to as I told you. Look at a few: Web hosting. Tools to design your website. Marketing tools. Management tools. Now that you have written down everything and know how to focus your business, let’s get into the would be very interesting if you first organized the information that you are going to

You can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same computer

I want to sell to everyone” . If you go there, FAIL! You shouldn’t want to sell to. Advantages of everyone, because if you approach it that way, you won’t be able to truly locate your audience and segment them appropriately. And associated with “SMART . And no, You can it’s not a car. SMART

Home Office for Managers How to Manage Remote Teams

Understanding that the productivity of remote work. Is measured in the fulfillment of tasks and projects, beyond schedules, certain parameters can be applied. Together to further increase the efficiency of your team, for example. Home Office Not everyone can be productive outside of the office. Which is why choosing people who have proven to be