Use XOVI Manual in Spanish of the new all-in-one SEO tool

Today I am going to explain to you how XOVI works. An all-in-one SEO tool that I use regularly. We will see together. Step by step. The best and most important functionalities of this new Swiss army knife of online marketing. All readers who follow me regularly know that on more than one occasion I

Storytelling what does it consist of and how to use it in my digital strategy?

Do you know what Storytelling is and how to apply it in your business? Stories. Tales and legends have always been an important part of our society. Through them, we seek to communicate ideas. Feelings or opinions (of any kind) in a more original way to better connect with other people. And it is precisely

Home Office for Managers How to Manage Remote Teams

Understanding that the productivity of remote work. Is measured in the fulfillment of tasks and projects, beyond schedules, certain parameters can be applied. Together to further increase the efficiency of your team, for example. Home Office Not everyone can be productive outside of the office. Which is why choosing people who have proven to be

Guide to Good Practices for Working at Home Without Losing Productivity

The management of work teams is an aspect. Guide to That today’s companies are innovating to take advantage of technology and boost productivity and, at the same time. Promote the comfort of their collaborators. In the midst of this evolution, the. Home Office has emerged as an exceptional alternative. Remote work or, literally translating, “home

Produce Relevant Content for Local Audiences

In turn, this practice is favorable for improving the optimization of a website. Produce Relevant Since search engines give priority to sites that offer a good user experience . And content is one of the best ways to achieve this. In fact, if your content is positioned among the first results, the chances that users

Appear on Google Maps With Your Website

Appearing on Google Maps is the most economical and. Your Website Effective way to attract users from a local market to your company’s website or blog. If you want your business to have digital visibility , you necessarily. Have to take advantage of the advantages that Google offers. Well, imagine that someone performs. A search

Google Analytics Mastery Video Marketing

Google Analytics The tools listed below will help you evaluate your site’s performance and highlight what needs improvement. The Core Web Vitals report gives you an in-depth analysis of your site using real data. So you can measure the performance of different site URLs and receive detailed information for each page. As user experience becomes

Companies That Have Stood Out for Their Positioning in the Crisis

Since the year began, one topic has dominated conversations. social media and the news. Companies That coronavirus. And not in vain, since COVID-19 has suddenly. Changed people’s habits and routines. Given its arrival in Latin America and other regions of the world. Many brands have mobilized to take action to avoid contagion, promote a positive

Tips from 9 specialists for making ads on the internet

Tips from 9 specialists for making ads on the internet. Companies look for professionals who know about SEM strategies and advertising on Facebook, Instagram and websites, but doing it well is not always easy. We have spoken with 9 Online Marketing specialists to tell us their secrets and thus together create a guide to good

Analysis and results of the best caching plugins for WordPress

Analysis and results of the best caching plugins for WordPress. A fast website brings more traffic, reduces bounce rates and ranks better in search engines. In this post I tell you which are the best Cache Plugins in WordPress so that you can install one and improve the SEO, content and user experience on your

Curriculum Vitae Models

Curriculum Vitae Models. Whatever type you choose. Therefore, the fundamental thing in any case is to be coherent and constant in the presentation. Before venturing into any style. Therefore, it is important to decide. which one is the most appropriate based on our objective. Even a person with a short work or academic history can