Since the year began, one topic has dominated conversations. social media and the news. Companies That coronavirus. And not in vain, since COVID-19 has suddenly. Changed people’s habits and routines. Given its arrival in Latin America and other regions of the world. Many brands have mobilized to take action to avoid contagion, promote a positive impact and help face one. Of the greatest collective crises in human history. Learn which companies and organizations have taken measures to support society and the impact of this on their corporate image .

Companies That Companies That Have Taken Measures to Cope With the Coronavirus

Among the companies’ actions are tools job function email list to facilitate remote work , free courses, access to books, magazines and newspapers for the quarantine period and even solidarity initiatives to collaborate with the health system. Google has launched free access to the premium features of Hangouts Meet, its video conferencing platform, until July 1, 2020. Resources that were previously only available in the Enterprise version are now accessible to all users of the platform.

The Importance of These Measures for the World and Companies

When we are attacked by social crises, we look for Country List positive stimuli to remain confident. In this context, persuasion through negative examples and uncertain consequences. Such as advertising campaigns that say “if you don’t do this, you may get sick,” has no effect. On the other hand, initiatives that explore human behavior and cognition tend to have much. More effective results, and for that reason social marketing has a great impact, especially in times like this.

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