The Best JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries in 2019

The popularity of javascript (js) in the developer space has grown exponentially over the years. The reason is that js has capabilities that allow developers to design and modify web pages in various ways and even add functionality to real-time web applications . The appeal of javascript is not only for its simplicity and ease of use but also for its efficiency, security, and low-cost results.

Based on the state of js survey of 2018 , the number of libraries currently used by developers are:

Best Javascript Frameworks and Libraries in 2019 1

While there are many libraries available today, survey results prove that vue, react, and angular continue to be market leaders.

One of the main reasons why developers love using vue is that it is a progressive framework . This framework is easily adaptable to the needs of developers . Vuejs can be quickly integrated into applications via the ‘ script ‘ tag.

Size : this is one of the best advantages of vue. Vue’s output is very light, only reaching 18 kb after zipping . This can provide the Finland Mobile Number List speed and accuracy that developers really need. Integration capability : vue offers one of the best integration capabilities as it can be used to build both single-page applications and complex web applications. Vue can also be easily integrated withother frameworks or libraries such as django, laravel, and wordpress.
Scalability and versatility : you can use vue as a library or ascomplete framework . Vue can easily be used to develop large, reusable templates , due to its simple structure.

Here Are the Advantages and Disadvantages When Using Vue

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Adaptability : most of the developers adapting vue are switching from other frameworks . The transition period is often fast due to vue’s similarity to the react and angular frameworks .
Readability : vue is quite Country List easy for developers to read and understandbecause its functions are very accessible. In addition, the handling of html blocks can be optimized by using various components.
React is a popular javascript library that powers facebook. Developed and opened by facebook in 2013, react has quickly become well-known in developing large web applications that involve dynamically handling data.

To help you choose the best library or framework for your needs, here are the advantages and
Easy to learn : react shows simplicity in terms of its syntax which involves a lot of html writing skills.
Library , not framework : react isjavascript library , not framework . This means that it provides declarative methods for defining ui components. It can also be easily integrated with other libraries . For example, the react-redux library.

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