In recent decades, sports medicine has develop exponentially, offering treatments bas on the particularities of each sport.

As we noted previously, sports medicine focuses on the recovery and prevention of injuries that occur as a result of playing sports, therefore, it is important that the general principles of sports medicine are adapted to each practice.

In general terms, the most common injuries in athletes are the following:

Sprains and strains: In this case, both sprains and strains are as common in professionals as they are in amateurs. The sprain of a joint, without reaching a fracture, and strains, for example in ligaments, can be prevent with warming and in any case, they can be recover in a few weeks if they occur.

The professional practice of sports medicine in Spain

Sports medicine in our country involves different aspects, which not only correspond to the specific characteristics of each sport, but also includes residential phone numbers the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.

Sports traumatology, for example, is dedicat to the recovery of injuries related to blows and contact injuries. In team sports such as football, traumatologists make it possible to shorten recovery times and avoid chronic ailments.

Nutrition in physical activity is also consider part of sports medicine. Nowadays, we know the importance of nutrition when practicing sports, which is why professional athletes usually include nutrition plans in their preparation routine.Psychology is also part of the environment we know as sports medicine.

The use of technology in sports medicine

It is increasingly common to include the use of technology in elite sports; in the case of sports medicine, its use has spread, and it is now common for all treatment information to be digitaliz.

The possibility of obtaining health data while the competition is taking place has also meant a revolution in sports medicine. Statistics such as heart rate, top speed or distance traveled are just some data that we can know, through the use of technology. It is also possible to carry out preventive actions that protect the athlete through the application of digital methodologies.

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