We add lets us see the traffic conversion rate and new email subscribers from your social mia video and post will be in the Acquisition > Campaign report. Just add a filter so it shows only traffic where the “Session mium” is “social.” There are several other ways to measure social mia traffic using GA4 but adding campaign tracking code is the only way to see traffic from a specific social mia post. Now here is the traffic for one social mia video and social post on LinkIn. This was promoting a webinar we did about using AI for

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It did well but it was a lot of work to put together so we made a social mia video to promote the recording. Here are the business lead results… Two things are remarkable about these results 800+ visitors and 10+ subscribers from a single social mia video post The lifespan of that post was one week You can see the social mia post with the short video with text right here. The visits from the social post and video above went even higher after I took this screenshot. Visitors from more recent posts were lower but still in the hundrs. The reach of

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Function of the size of your network. Larger and more active followings will see greater reach and engagement from any social activity. Results vary. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it… It might seem insane to spend 20 minutes on a single social  Country List mia post. That’s like ten times the normal effort. But for us the results were even greater. Here’s the kind of traffic we’ve come to expect from these kinds of social videos with text overlaid Still it may not be realistic to put in this kind of effort for every single article. So focus on those

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