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Most of the tutorials that we have read or watched so far, usually use the ‘feeding’ model. This isn’t wrong and that’s fine, but it isn’t great if you have to solve a real problem.

In other words, you need to work a solution down on paper in stages. Then start writing the code. For you novice software engineers, here are tips from geshan manandhar to learn how to solve problems first.

Often we hear novice software engineers say: “I can follow a tutorial and think I can understand the concept. But when I try to do something similar on my personal project, I can’t do it. ”
This happened for two reasons.

First You Don’t Focus and You Can’t Build a Settlement System Flow

Second, you are focusing so much on the code that you are not focusing on the main problem you are trying to solve. Problems like this Honduras Mobile Number List also occur in software engineers and even senior software engineers .
The best tip is that you have to know when to stop or rest. Then, come back to the problem in a different way and find a solution more quickly. Many of you relate to this when you’ve been trying hard to fix a problem for hours. Then you rest or sleep for a while. Then the next time, your solution appears within minutes.
This is not fantasy, but this is one way to see the problem from another point of view.

For example, when you have to do a job, for example, create a refund system with payment.
You are given a database schema. This is a back-end task and you need to create a post refund api that can make refunds and payments intertwine. The database structure is as follows:

The Thing Most Novice Software Engineers Will Do is Start Scanning the Codebase

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If there’s a live test culture in place, maybe they write some automated test code.
This is where most beginners and Country List even some experienced software engineers get stuck. Don’t write code when you haven’t solved the problem.

The most appropriate step is to sit down and solve the problem on paper gradually. You ask yourself what you nee to do. Create steps to solve the problem.
If you have someone more senior on your team, you can validate your steps and get feedback . This will also reduce code review time .

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