What is UGC

The answer to why you should use user-generate content is simple. Because it works! We all know the covid-19 pandemic change things. It made people reflect on how they live their lives. Both in the way they work (work/life balance) but also in what and how they purchase. Today’s customer wants to buy from brands that care about society and has an interest in the same issues e.g. Sustainability. In fact. 82 percent of shoppers want a consumer brand’s values to align with their own while three-quarters will leave a brand over a conflict in values. According to research commissione by google cloud. Ultimately.

Ugc helps you connect with customers

Ugc helps you connect with customers and followers in a way that’s meaningful and builds trust. It’s known as the modern word-of-mouth which we all know is very effective in marketing. What’s the difference between ugc and influencer marketing? Be careful not to confuse these two marketing tactics as they are very different in terms of the way you communicate and engage your audience. While user-generate content is create by someone for no charge to promote or explain your brand. Influencer marketing is sponsore content with a prior arrangement.

For example

For example. You may have kicke off a campaign with an influencer or brand ambassador and have discusse what content to use. A posting scheule. Captions. Hashtags. Etc. This could be a mega-influencer or celebrity like tennis player naomi osaka (below) or a micro-influencer that’s known and active in your industry. Ugc post featuring naomi osaka ugc post featuring naomi osaka types of ugc content there are many types of ugc content that a customer or fan may use to promote your brand or company which include: social posts or sharing customer reviews case studies referrals community forums webinars or podcasts conferences testimonials neil mckenzie

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