Interestingly, most of these entrepreneurs are millennials. So, for you millennials who want to start a business, either as a side or main business, there are lots of small capital businessesthat you can try.

Starting from food to technology businesses can be started with small capital, you know. But, of course, not all of these businesses can match the characteristics of millennials. Then, what are the small capital businesses that match the characteristics of millennials? So, here’s a complete explanation of the small capital business for millennials.

What are the characteristics?

Currently, the younger generation that fills Indonesia is the millennial generation and generation For some people who don’t really understand about millennials, they will think that the millennial generation is those born starting in 1999. In fact, the millennial generation are those born from 1980 to 1995 or aged around 27 to 42 years.

Millennials or what is known as generation Y are very familiar with internet technology. This is because millennials were born or live in an era of internet development. In addition, millennials are also considered to be very open to political and economic issues. Unlike the Z generation (1995 – 2010) which is more open to technological developments.

So, from this, we can see what the characteristics of these millennials are like. Millennials have quite strong and firm characters. Even though many of the millennials were born in the 1980s, that doesn’t mean they are “old-fashioned”. The following are characteristics possessed by millennials.

Based on research, millennials have a stronger commitment to companies than other generations. This is also related to the interest of millennials who are more dominant in running entrepreneurship.

Even though millennials have a strong commitment to entrepreneurship, work is apparently not the top priority. Those who are part of the millennial generation think that even though work is a priority, there are other, more important priorities. Millennials prioritize their self-development outside of work or education.

A very distinctive characteristic of millennials is their open nature. Well, being open here means that millennials don’t really like something “old-fashioned”. Millennials prefer rules that are simple and flexible, open minded , and also transparent. So, it’s no wonder that many millennial businesses have a pleasant work environment.

Well, another characteristic of millennials Construction Email List is that they really like new challenges. Those who belong to the millennial generation really like new challenges that can push themselves beyond their boundaries. This is also related to the competitiveness of millennials which turns out to be higher to always develop themselves.

 Millennial Business Ideas with Small Capital

It’s just that, it all depends on your interests and also your ability to run the business.

So, if you want to start, you can start a business with small capital.

The most promising type of business is indeed a business that fulfills human primary needs. Well, one of the most important primary human needs is food or food. You can start a food business with small capital such as snacks, dessert boxes , fruit salad, frozen food , pastries or catering.

Industry Email List

Even during a pandemic, the food business will continue because it is a basic human need. In order for your food business to run smoothly, don’t be Country List a choose seasonal food types. If you sell food that is seasonal, it is not certain that there are buyers who will buy it when it is not in season anymore.


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