E-Wallet function

Using a digital wallet can facilitate every transaction need. The details of the e-wallet function are as follows The first e-wallet function makes it easier for users to send money. You can transfer money from one e-wallet to another via a bank transfer service whose features are provided in the e-wallet. However, it should be

Getting to Know What E-Wallet Is and the Benefits of Its Use

Developments in the fintech industry have resulted in a new product that facilitates today’s transactions. This product is an e-wallet. Already know, what is an e-wallet? As a payment method that is massively used in various transactions, the term e-wallet is certainly no stranger. Even if they are familiar, some people still find it difficult to understand how

Free Migration and Instant Backup

Migrating hosting is generally considered a hassle. Complicated. But with IDwebhost, migration can be done easily, and of course it’s free. The IDwebhost support team will be ready to help you move your entire data transfer process with full dedication. Not only is migration free, IDwebhost is also committed to ensuring the data on your website is safe. By

What Is a Data Scientist’s Job?

California University of Pennsylvania even estimates that there will be around 11.5 million new jobs in this field by. Come on, see the discussion below. As the name suggests, a scientist is a profession whose job is to collect and analyze data according to the structure and needs of a company. Data scientist jobs are

IDwebhost Review Why Did I Switch Hosting Here?

When is the right time to move hosting? This question is not something easy to answer. For some people, they will move hosting when the contract with the old hosting provider has expired. There are also those who change hosting while the contract is still running. This can be caused by many things. Maybe the

Installing the theme and layout

The theme of a website really describes how personalized the owner is. Likewise with your travel website. Normally, any theme can be used as a theme for a traveling website. However, this can reduce the sensation of the adventure story that readers want to display. Therefore, you have to choose a theme specifically for traveling sites. After choosing the

How to Make a Live Website Using Web Hosting

To be able to create a more optimal and quality website, the steps that can be taken are to use available web hosting services. This is where you will be able to get the best website no longer with the frills namadomain.blogspot.com , or namadomain.wordpress.com . You will be able to directly get namadomain.com, namadomain.info, namadomain.asia and so on. This means that your

How to Make a Live Website the Most Effective

Many people want to have a personal website for various uses. Some use it for business purposes. There are those who use it for the purpose of sharing information and so on. How to make a live website is also actually not difficult. There are many platforms to choose from and also the step-by-step that has to be done is not

Widget Color Adjustment with Themes

Adjusting the color of the widget with the theme is important because it relates to the visual comfort of visitors. For example, your theme uses the dominant color blue, and the Facebook widget in the sidebar is the same color. To give a good visual impression, you must pay attention to the contrast between the widget and

Don’t lose the tracking code

Most bloggers use analytics applications, such as Google Analytics or similar. Generally these bloggers use a plugin to add a tracking code. Some others have modified the code to use footer. And maybe some of you have pasted the AdSense tracking code on your blog or website. Whatever code you embed on your website or blog, be sure

Tips for Changing WordPress Themes, Pay Attention to This!

Some of you may be users who have been using for a long time. Yes, it can’t be denied, WordPress is a content management system with the largest number of users in the world. As an old WordPress user, have you ever thought about changing your WordPress theme? Or have you ever changed your WordPress theme? One of the

WordPress Hosting Is: Service Benefits from IDwebhost

WordPress is the most popular CMS or Content Management System in the world. In fact, almost all websites in Indonesia use this CMS. Because of the popularity of WordPress, in the end many hosting companies provide WordPress hosting services. Well, WordPress hosting is a dedicated hosting service for the WordPress CMS. This one hosting service is certainly different from hosting services in general. This difference