Tips for Changing WordPress Themes, Pay Attention to This!

Some of you may be users who have been using for a long time. Yes, it can’t be denied, WordPress is a content management system with the largest number of users in the world. As an old WordPress user, have you ever thought about changing your WordPress theme? Or have you ever changed your WordPress theme? One of the advantages of WordPress is its ease of customization. One type of customization is changing the theme. In WordPress, changing themes is as easy as a few clicks. But actually changing the WordPress theme is not as simple as one might think. This article will review tips on changing WordPress themes so you understand what to do during this process known as switching.

Make a note of the current theme

You may be part of the many WordPress users who are always looking for information on the web to solve the problems they are experiencing. And it’s not uncommon for you to find that the solution to the problem is simply by adding code to the theme, like for example function.

When changing the theme, there is a Barber and Hair Salon Email List possibility that you may forget some of the codes that have been added.

Browse through the theme files and note any code you’ve added. And an important step before changing to a new theme, compare the load time speed between the old theme and the new theme. Not only the speed of opening the homepage, but the website page as a whole.

 Pay attention to the sidebar

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Before and after changing the WordPress theme, make sure that the installed widgets are compatible with the new website theme. The sidebar is the most customized part of WordPress. In this section, users can add photos, profile links, to embed videos.

So make sure the new theme you prepare is compatible with the widget you are currently using. Widgets that are not compatible with the theme will make widgets that might have been beautifully customized go to waste.

Anything you’ve modified in the sidebar be Country List a will be overwritten by the code from the new theme. Be sure to immediately add the code to the sidebar of the new WordPress theme.

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