Using a digital wallet can facilitate every transaction need. The details of the e-wallet function are as follows The first e-wallet function makes it easier for users to send money. You can transfer money from one e-wallet to another via a bank transfer service whose features are provided in the e-wallet.

However, it should be noted that transfers usually involve a small admin fee. Some e-wallets set different admin fees for their money transfer services. Not a few digital wallet applications also offer free admin fees with terms and conditions that apply.

Conducting Online Transactions

Do you love online shopping? Come on, be careful! The convenience of online transactions can be disastrous for your e-wallet balance. Now various e-commerce services provide payment methods from e-wallets. With just a tap tap via smartphone , you can select items and make payments directly on the e-wallet.

E-wallets can also be used to pay monthly bills. Every residence certainly has electricity and water needs. Without the need to visit the official PDAM or PLN offices, you can just make bill payments through the e-wallet application.

If you’re lucky, you can even get various rewards and cashback from e-wallet applications, you know. That way, the number of bills Civic and Social Association Email List you pay can be reduced and you can use the remaining money for other purposes.

That way, the order will be delivered to your home address. payments . Wow, that’s easy huh?

 Buy Data and Credit Packages

Now topping up credit doesn’t require you to go to the counter. Apart from providing payment features, various e-wallet applications are now also busy providing features to buy pulses and data packages. You can choose the appropriate amount of credit or data package through the top-up feature in the digital wallet application.

If you have found it, you only need to buy it and enter the e-wallet password. Credit will be sent and the data package will be activated automatically. Likewise with the e-wallet balance which will automatically decrease according to the nominal transaction used.

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Finally, another benefit that you can get from an e-wallet is saving. You can use an e-wallet to save some money for a long time. Not only is it safe, the money you save in the e-wallet is also not subject to admin fee deductions, you know.

However, to do this you need to be Country List a know the maximum amount of funds that an e-wallet can hold. Generally, e-wallet applications apply a maximum balance capacity for their user accounts.

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