For those of you who want to send a lot of goods via cargo or with a door to door system , maybe you also need to know the cost of packing Anteraja wood. Especially if the type of goods is easily damaged, of course the goods to be sent need more protection, so that they are safer from shocks during their journey. For this reason, Anteraja provides wood packing services for those who wish to send goods with certain criteria. Indeed, what is the packing of wood for? How much does it cost to pack Anteraja wood? Check out the full explanation below. Markimak.

Wooden Packing for What?

What is wood packing? Wood packing is a service from expeditionary services related to packaging with a more guaranteed level of security using wood.  or piles in the warehouse. Wooden packaging is highly recommended for those of you who want to send goods Life Insurance Email List in the form of electronic goods, items made of glass that are easily broken, food items that are easily dented and the like. Even though there is a separate way to pack glassware , there’s nothing wrong with using wood packing to keep it even more secure. One of the expeditions that provides wood packing services is Ante raja.

Anteraja Wood Packing Cost

Industry Email List

Here are some tips that you can apply if you want to send packages via Ante raja with wooden packing. 1. Provide clear information Before packing with wood, prepare a shipping label that contains clear information, starting from the name, address and telephone number of the sender and the destination of the shipment. With clear information, it will certainly make it easier for the expedition courier to send the item. In addition, to avoid the wrong address. 2. Pack the Ante raja package neatly The next tip is to pack your package neatly before packing it using be Country List a wood. You can use cardboard, bubble wrap to Styrofoam. This non-wooden package is useful for primary protection. As for the wood itself, it serves as additional protection.

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