For those of you digital marketing or social media specialists, you must be very familiar with and understand the term engagement rate . Well, engagement rate is a term related to the involvement of social media followers or blogs in content. From these metrics you can find out whether a content is successful or not. You can use an engagement rate calculator to make calculations easier.

So, understanding engagement rate is important, you know, for those of you who use social media to build branding. Engagement rate is a means to find out whether the content you create is successful in attracting audience engagement or not. The higher the engagement , the higher the chance for a brand to be widely known.

Engagement Rate Is?

As explained above, the higher the engagement , the higher the chance for the brand to be widely known. Well, engagement a tool or metric to measure the interaction an audience has with content.

In digital marketing itself, engagement rate is a metric for analyzing the effectiveness of company campaigns.

Usually, this engagement is seen from the interactions your audience has with your content. Starting from giving likes , comments , to sharing content to a wider audience. Well, the use of engagement rate by this company is generally on social media such as.

However, the use of this engagement rate is also used in other media such as websites , YouTube Titoki, and blogs (bloggers). This level Chinese Thailand Phone Number List of engagement is also often used by social media content creators or influencers as a measure of how involved followers are in each of their content.

Why is engagement rate  As we know, engagement rate is a tool to measure audience interaction in a content in the form of numbers.

The formula for calculating the Engagement Rate

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According tothe only formula for measuring engagement rate is total engagement divided by total followers and then multiplied by 100. However, each media has different goals and types of interactions. So, the formula will be slightly different depending on the platform used.

So, here’s a way to calculate engagement rates for several platforms and destinations.

Social media is one platform that uses engagement rates . Every social media has almost the same interactions, consisting of likes , comments , and shares . Starting from Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, they almost have the same engagement rate factor.

So, if you want to find engagement be Country List a rates from social media as a whole, then the formula that can be used is as follows.

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