Webinars are an effective yet underutilized marketing technique. Webinars can overcome geographic and time constraints, educate customers, generate qualified leads, and establish your organization as an authority in its industry. With many people working from home and in-person conferences cancelled because of COVID-19, webinars are more valuable than ever. These are tips from PR and marketing experts that can help you develop and hold successful webinars that attract attendees and generate interest in your company’s products. Preparing Webinars Know your audience. Understanding your audience is the first step to creating a popular webinar. Develop a definitive picture of your audience, their needs and “pain points.

The best topics address common problems

The target audience faces and offer practical solutions. Case studies are ideal to illustrate solutions. Find experienced assistance. Have someone with a good understanding of webinar equipment to assist with the planning, promotion, and the webinar itself to make sure everything goes smoothly, advises Vikas Agrawal, co-founder of infographic design agency Infobrandz, in Search Engine Journal. “They don’t necessarily have to be knowledgeable Automotive Dealers and Gasoline Service Email List about the webinar topic, but they should be able to troubleshoot issues and moderate interactions with attendees,” Agrawal says. Consider your equipment. Your equipment is critical. Rather than relying on the built-in microphones on your laptop or desktop computer, use high-quality headset microphones or landline phone to ensure that the audience can clearly hear your presentation. It’s also advisable to have a backup computer and spare batteries in case you experience technical difficulties.

Also print out extra copies of your slides

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So you won’t miss a beat if you encounter a glitch. How to Increase Webinar Registrations Create a compelling title. Selecting a topic and a headline with excellent search potential will garner more interest, advises Arment Dietrich CEO Gini Dietrich. For instance, her team produced a webinar on Google analytics. Instead of calling it “Advanced Analytics,” they named it “The Lies and Truths of Google Analytics,” a more enticing title. Shoot anbe Country List a engaging one-minute “commercial” that describes what the webinar will cover, Dietrich suggests. Then post the video on your website or blog, distribute it through the social networks, and include it in email marketing. “Human beings are visual creatures. You’ll be amazed at how well this one thing works,” she says.