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 To be upload to any social mia channel 7. Add campaign tracking code to the link to the article The social network will show you basic engagement metrics (likes comments shares and views) but it won’t show you if visitors click (traffic) or what they did after they land on your site (conversions). For this you ne campaign tracking code. Adding campaign tracking code allows you to track traffic from that link separately in Google Analytics. It appears as a campaign available in your Traffic Acquisition reports. Use a simple URL builder to

Add campaign

 Tracking codes (the mium source and campaign name) to the link to your article. You’ll find simple instructions here. For my LinkIn video I kept it very simple. Source linkin mium email campaign name videoemailopenrates. It adds a parameter for each element to the end of the link. That’s b2b email list all it does. You’ll then use that link with that tracking code in your social mia post allowing you to track the traffic engagement and conversions in Analytics. Here I’ve done it using our own little URL builder. It’s very simple. To make it

Easy our tool lets

 You select the mium from a few simple options. It also forces lowercase letters to prevent the same effort from appearing twice in GA4. It may be an engaging short video on the social mia platforms but was the visitor engag after they visit your website? This is the only way to know for sure. 8. Make the  Country List social mia post! Create a new social mia post and import your video to the social mia platform. Then add the link with the tracking code. Next you ne to add the next and make the rest of the post use every trick in the social mia book to catch the visitor’s attention. Use numbers quotes and hashtags Add line breaks and special

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