Get to Know What DNS Is and How It Works

Do you know how you can visit the site in question by simply entering the URL ? Have you ever heard of what DNS is? DNS is a system that allows you to visit websites without knowing the IP address . Generally, to access a website, internet users only need to know the domain name. In fact, to access the website, the computer does not identify the domain name but the IP address, you know. This is what makes the role of DNS important, namely to direct hostnames to IP addresses. What is the process for doing this? Then, is there another function of DNS? Follow this review to the end to find out the answer, yes.

What is DNS?

Let’s start with the notion of DNS. So, DNS stands for Domain Name Server. DNS is a system in charge of storing all domain data information on the network. As explained above, DNS works by translating domain addresses into website IP addresses. The IP address of the destination website that has been successfully decoded by DNS is what then allows Restaurant Email List internet users to visit the website in question. By default DNS is set automatically on every computer and internet provider . However, if there is interference or it has not been set, then the user needs to set the settings for the IP address section first. DNS is also available for internet users using routers.

Translate Domain to IP Address

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If likened to the function of DNS similar to the contact list on a cell phone. For example, you want to contact your friend. When visiting your contact list, you’d type in the name of the friend you’re looking for instead of searching by their phone number, right? The same thing is also done by the DNS. When visiting a website, you will type in the domain name of the website. DNS identifies the domain name that you type and looks for the IP address of the website be Country List a you are going to so that the browser can access it. 2. Recognize the IP Address of the Device Not only websites, all computer devices that can access the internet also have IP addresses. The DNS system also has a function to recognize the IP address of the device. The trick is to identify a new IP address and then save it.

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