Growth Hacking Guide: Top 20 Examples and Techniques. Today Claudio Inacio is going to tell us the best examples of Growth Hacking and how you can put it into practice in your startup, on your blog or in your online store. It is a pleasure to have Claudio on our blog since he is our most blogger alumnus. Includes the 20 best strategies, tricks and practical tips to grow faster.

Take advantage of traffic from third-party platforms

Take advantage of traffic from third-party platforms When you launch a project, it is most likely that no one knows you, so you have to start moving to gain visibility and traffic to your website. You can take advantage of third-party positioning to get the push you need. You just need to have email database something good to share and become familiar with the use of platforms such as: Slideshare. Youtube. Yahoo Answers. News aggregators such as: MKtfan, Bitácoras or Menéame. Forums like: Femenino or Forocoches. Wikipedia.

The WOW Effect

The WOW Effect. One of the best tactics or strategies to surprise and have customers happy and in love with our brand is to achieve the WOW effect, because it is a rarely used technique and it is very easy to achieve, and it always works. It is a technique that is based on offering users more than they Country List expect , without asking for anything in return. They can be things as simple as: Make a call to the customer to find out what they thought of the purchased product.

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