For those of you who want to send packages short distances quickly and don’t need to be complicated, maybe you can consider Grab Express. But, of course you need to calculate the Grab Express fare too! That way, you can compare the services provided by Ojek vs. Grab . Because as you might already know, Ojek also provides a similar service, namely Godsend. So, what is Grab Express? What services does it provide? What is the rate charged for delivery via Grab Express? Can you check the rates independently? Check out the full answer in this article List of contents What is GrabExpress? This is the Type of Service a. Grab Express Instant b. Grab Express Instant-Hemet c.  rab Express Same Day What is the Grab Express Fare? How to Check Grab Express Rates Can You Check Grab Express Rates.

 This is the Type of Service

You can use Grab Express at any time, because the service can be used every day for 24 hours, depending on the availability of the courier. The shipping process is also quite fast, so it can save time. There are four types of Grab Express services that you can choose from, namely  Grab Express Bike Grab Express Car Grab Express Recycle, and  GrabExpress Night Clubs and Bars Email List Rail Express. However, the last two types of Grab Express services are only available in certain big cities, such as Jakarta and Surabaya. Meanwhile, Grab Express Bikes and Cars are available in almost all cities where Grab operates. Each of these delivery services has a delivery type, namely  Grab Express Instant, Grab Express Instant Grab.

Grab Express Instant

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Grab Express Instant is the fastest type of delivery service. When you place an order, the driver immediately picks up the package in less than 30 minutes. While the estimated arrival time can be in less than 2 hours after the package is picked up by the driver. So, this service is suitable for those of you who have problems such as leaving office be Country List a documents at home. b. Grab Express Instant-Hemet If you want to use a fast but also economical delivery service, you can choose this type of Instant-Saving delivery. This service allows drivers to pick up packages in less than 1 hour. c. Grab Express Same Day Same Day is a delivery service with estimates arriving on the same day.

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