How to Delete a Repository on Github 11 Easy Steps

Before getting to the core of the main discussion, we want to briefly explain what github is and what is a repository.

Github is a popular, web-base software development platform. Github serves as a container for storing software development projects. Ranging from source code, documentation, to related files. Github also provides collaboration features that allow. Developers to work together and collaborate on the same project.

While the Repository is the Basic Unit in Github That is Use

To store and manage projects or code. A repository can be thought of as a directory or folder like on a pc. Or mac that contains various files, such as source code, images, fonts. And documents related to the project. The repository allows github users to easily collaborate. Track changes, and manage code versions.

There are times when we nee to Cyprus B2B List delete a repository that is no longer nee or that we want to delete from our github account. In this article, we will provide a step by step tutorial on how to delete a repository on github.

So, watch this tutorial until the end of the discussion!

Tutorial deleting repository on github

Not every user can delete the repository on github. You can only delete a repository that you create yourself, a repository that was copied ( forke ) from another repository, or a repository that you have admin access to.

Here is a Brief Explanation of the Steps for Deleting a Repository

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1. Make sure you are logged in to your github account
Login to github
Make sure you are logged in to your github account using your login credentials.

2. Navigate to your repositories
Navigate to your repositories from the github account dropdown.
After successfully logging in to github, navigate to the top right tree and click on the “ your repositories ” menu option to see a list of the repositories that you have.

3. Select the repository you want to delete
Find the repository that you want to delete from the list provide, then click on the repository name.

4. Navigate to settings
Navigate to settings repository
After entering the repository page of your choice, find and click the “ settings ” option at the top of the page.

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