Learn Coding on HP with the 9 Best Applications

Data Camp is one of the biggest data science learning platforms that you can now access just by installing an application on your cellphone. Data Camp offers more than 410 classes with more than 260 professional instructors from Data Camp and various world’s top universities, such as Duke University.

Just like Codecademy Go, DataCamp uses the concept of interactive learning. You will be aske to do exercises that are designe to appear as if you were actually coding. This application is also equippe with quiz features and hands-on projects .

Encode is One of the Coding Learning Applications on Cellphones

The material in this application is divide into several topics, each of which consists of 4-15 study units. The number of lessons in one topic varies according to the level of difficulty.

Like learning coding applications in general, you are invite to practice directly with Encode. Since the beginning, you have been invite Luxembourg B2B List to practice writing code directly. Encode is highly recommende for those of you who want to learn the JavaScript programming language.

Enki is a coding learning application developed by Kirill Makharinsky. This application focuses on technical aspects relate to data processing. Enki offers thousands of classes categorize according to the types of professions that require programming skills skills.

Free Code Camp is a Non-profit Organization Engage in Coding Education

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Which includes web platforms, online forums , and Android applications. Apart from learning programming languages, you can also hone your skills in developing web and mobile applications , data science , and AI.

freeCodeCamp implements a self -pace learning system , aka there is no specific time limit for you to study the material offere. The freeCodeCamp curriculum consists of 1,400 hours of interactive challenges and projects , and 800 hours of open source projects.

Khan Academy provides materials for a variety of subjects at various levels of education, from early childhood to tertiary education. One of the subjects offered by Khan Academy is computer programming . Learning is given through videos, interactive characters, online coders , and hands-on exercises. Mimo is a coding learning application that is quite popular among programmers . This application is inde designed for a practical and fun coding learning process with only cellphone capital.

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