Richard Branson biography of the founder of Virgin

Branson considers the ability and desire to communicate with people the secret of his success. These abilities manifested themselves quite early: at the age of sixteen, due to learning problems – Richard suffered from dyslexia – he left school in his native Blackhead and started publishing his own Student magazine. Fortunately, the Branson family did not live in poverty and could afford the expensive hobbies of the eldest of four children: his father, Edward, was a successful lawyer, and his grandfather was a judge of the High Court. Founding of the Virgin brand Further, more: in 1970, Richard started a small business delivering vinyl records by mail. It was then that the name Virgin appeared . Things were going pretty well until he was arrested for violating some of the rules of the trade. But Richard Branson wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t strive for more.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

I see life as one big adventure. I’m always learning and finding new things to try and challenges to overcome.” In 1972, he took the plunge and opened a chain of stores and his own record label under the collective name Virgin Records. And then, as they say – away we go! Already the first release with Mike Oldfield, today’s world-famous multi-instrumentalist, brought Branson’s company millions in sales and a Grammy award. Elon Musk: biography of Job Function Email Database a man who seeks to colonize Mars Elon Musk: biography of a man who seeks to colonize Mars By the way, in a relationship with a novice musician, most revealingly, all the eccentricity of the personality of the future billionaire manifested itself. Mike Oldfield at that time was, though talented, but a street musician.

Founding of the Virgin brand

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Yes, and it looked right. Branson settled this London bum-like genius in his own studio. Such a selfless impulse subsequently brought Virgin Records a considerable profit and helped the company to stay afloat for three years. The first successes not only inspired Richard, but also taught him a lot. Relying on his own instinct, he decides to create musical Country List stars on his own, promoting unknown performers to the masses. It was through Virgin Records that the world became aware of musicians such as the Sex Pistols, Sting and many more. “The music industry is a strange mix of real and intangible assets: pop bands are trademarks in their own right, and at some point in their careers, their name alone can practically guarantee success.

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