TIKI Wood Packing Costs and Shipping Fees for Laptops

Apart from considering the length of TIKI delivery time , for those of you who want to send fragile or electronic items, you need to know the cost of TIKI wooden packing as well. This can help you compare with Saucepot’s wood packing services . Or you can also compare it to the price of JNE wood packing services . Packing wood or timber packaging is one type of packing that is sturdy, so for regular shipments and cargo shipments it has a good level of security. So what types of packages of goods can be packed using wood at TIKI? How much is the price of packing wood at TIKI? What are the conditions and benefits? Where can you pack TIKI wood? This article answers the questions above. Markita. Let’s see.

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Types of Goods that Can be Packed with Wood at TIKI TIKI Wood Packing Costs and Shipping Costs Terms, Conditions and Benefits of Wood Packing at TIKI 1. Must include complete information 2. Packages are neatly wrapped 3. Add fragile labels 4. Insurance included 5. Can pack anywhere TIKI Wood Packing Service Locations 1. Central Java & Yogyakarta 2. West Java 3. East Java 4. DKI Jakarta 5. Banton Are you ready to pack wood at TIKI? Types of Goods that Can be Packed with Wood at TIKI Packing using wood is a little bit expensive Small Business Email List compared to regular packing which only uses cardboard, paper or bubble wrap. This is because this type of packing can protect goods more safely and sturdily. TIKI provides wooden packing for several types of items that are easily damaged if not covered with a sturdy frame.

TIKI Wood Packing Costs and Shipping Costs

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Then, how much is the wood packing service through TIKI? Prices vary, depending on the following two things: Type of goods sent, as previously described; And The dimensions of the goods or the weight of the goods to be sent with wooden packing. Actually, TIKI itself does not publish the official cost of packing wood. However, if you refer to the price of wood for packing in various marketplaces, the estimated price ranges from  . Indeed, this  be Country List aprice is for packing wood that you can buy on the marketplace. However, if you pack at TIKI, the advantage is that the cost of packing wood at TIKI is included in the insurance. Normally, the cost of packing wood at TIKI will immediately be accumulated together with TIKI’s shipping costs which are calculated based on.

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