Even though Hari Raya 2022 is in sight, it’s not too late to start a small business to add THR for Eid later. Apart from the idea of ​​selling takjil and fasting month drinks , you can try unique Eid hamper ideas that are suitable for profitable small capital businesses. Even though it’s only a seasonal business, if it’s successful, the hampers business can continue. Hampers are synonymous with holidays. However, for some circles, hampers are also often used as gifts at other celebrations/moments, such as social gathering events, gifts, weddings, etc. So, are you interested in starting a business selling hampers for Eid this time? Come on, see the Eid hamper ideas that are unique and suitable for business.

List of Unique Eid Hampers Business Ideas

Sending gifts in the form of parcels & hampers just before Eid al-Fitr has become viral lately. Especially since the pandemic, the trend of sending parcels, more popularly known as hampers , has increased. Some people may prefer to share homemade hampers. But, not a few are busy and don’t have time to make their own hampers. These people will Canadian Hotels and Motels Email List prefer to order or buy it because it is faster and more practical. Well, you can take advantage of this opportunity as a promising business opportunity. Not only pastries, you can vary the contents of the hampers with a variety of unique items to make it more attractive. For those of you who want to try starting this business, let’s take a look at some of the unique hamper ideas that are perfect for Eid moments.

Special Holiday Food

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The first 2022 Eid hampers idea is a typical Hari Raya food. Eid al-Fit celebrations are not complete without Eid special dishes, such as ketupat, odor, rendang, and pastries. Apart from being a food idea ahead of Eid, some of these menus are also suitable for hampers. You can pack these various menus into a set of hampers using an attractive box, complete with additional menus such as chili sauce, crackers and other side dishes. For variety, you can also Country List change the heavy food menu above to a patisserie. For example, combining pastries with brownies, cheese cakes or layer cakes. Apart from being suitable as an idea for selling tail , these cakes are also suitable for serving on holidays. Don’t forget to match the gifts with the hampers. You can do a survey of examples of food hampers on social media for inspiration. As for the rates, you can sell them starting at depending on the hampers.

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