Complete List of ID Express Jogja Offices Address & Hours of Operation

Are you a loyal ID Express user and looking for information on their office address in the city of Yogyakarta? Do not go anywhere. In this post, Mimin wants to share a list of ID Express Jogja office addresses and their operating hours. ID Express is a new player that is quite popular in the world of shipping services. Established since 2019, this delivery service already has hundreds of offices spread throughout Indonesia, including Jogja. Do you want to ship items or check overdue shipments? Come on, check out the complete information on the ID Express Jogja head office below. And find out which ID Express offices are closest to your location.

List of Yogyakarta ID Express Offices

The ID Express Juga office serves a variety of delivery activities including sending packages, picking up counters, checking receipts, tracking shipments, checking delivery status, and so on. You can also confirm or complain directly if there are any problems during the shipping process. There are 3 head offices in the city of Juga and several ID Express Water Transportation Email List branch offices spread throughout the districts in DI Yogyakarta. The following is a complete list of addresses. ID Express Juga Office Several offices are located within the scope of the city of Yogyakarta. ID Express Kusumanegara Address Jl. Kusumanegara Yogyakarta City, DI Yogyakarta, postal code Phone number hat’s the ID Express Juga office address that you can visit to make deliveries or to confirm goods directly. Want to complain but don’t know how? Also see the article on how to complain about goods at ID Express which has been discussed on our site. Check Postage ID Express To find out the cost of postage at ID Express, you can check the official website.

JNE Kediri Main Branch Office

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JNE has around 7000 service points spread throughout Indonesia, including Kediri in East Java. In this city, JNE has 1 main branch and several agent offices. The main JNE Kediri branch office address is located at Jalen Adi Saucepot Number 38, Banjara, Kediri City District, Kediri City, East Java, Postal Code 64129 . The branch office is open 24 hours and serves the entire process of shipping & sorting goods. As for the representative office, warehouse be Country List a and agents in Kediri, they are spread across regencies and a number of sub-districts such as Majorite, Bandar, Pare, and various other areas. Here’s more information.

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