According to Wikipedia, affiliates are a way to earn money by registering with a company or institution that is currently opening opportunities to resell their products by way of an affiliate.

So that you or a business entity will benefit as mutually agreed. That’s an explanation according to the biggest knowledge site Wikipedia huh. The word affiliation is a relationship between members or branches such as the relationship between universities in Indonesia and universities abroad or it can be interpreted as a form of cooperation between two educational institutions. Usually one is bigger, compared to the other. But each of these educational institutions stands alone. How? Still don’t get it? Continue below.

According to IDwebhost

Affiliation is a collaboration between IDwebhost and an individual or a company that is independent of each other. In short, affiliate can also be interpreted as a partnership to gain profit by placing ‘links’ or ‘banners/advertisements’ on websites.

Until here, do you understand, guys? Ok, if you understand, we will continue with the understanding according to internet marketers or in simple language, online sales.

Hi, this is very famous abroad, because many affiliate marketers abroad can have an average income of 20 million per month just from Biotechnology Email List affiliate marketing work, that’s fantastic, right guys. After understanding the meaning of affiliation from various opinions, let’s continue the discussion. So how do affiliates work?

The way affiliates work is almost the same as a broker or intermediary. Because the application is the same, that is, you don’t need to own goods or services to be able to sell something. It’s delicious, you don’t need to own the goods, you just have to promote it if someone buys it and you get another commission. Delicious right?

Come on, let’s discuss in full how the affiliate system works below.

How Affiliates Work

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The working system of affiliates is very easy and profitable. You can market and promote products through website media, social media or directly to your friends without the need to stock products/goods first.

Unlike the case with the reseller or dropship system. Where is there anything to do with sales. If in the affiliate work system, all you have to do is market affiliate links through the media that I mentioned above.

Then is the business a small business? No, this business is a big and lucrative business. In this business there are terms that you will always encounter.

Such as service providers or so-called affiliate merchants, namely a company that has a product or service that they will market and promote via the internet.

If for those of you who have just heard the term affiliate business, maybe it’s normal to still be confused, what is that? how to get the money? The way to get money from this business is when you register with a merchant. Then you will be given be Country List a a special link or url to identify that later product sales come from you which can be generated through your affiliate link.

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