Did you know that frameworks have an important role intone framework that is quite commonly used by developers is Even though this framework looks quite simple, you should learn Laravel by following this review to the end, OK? The selection of a framework to help develop a website must be right. The right framework can produce a website with a more attractive appearance and of course with a simpler manufacturing process. Without lingering, let’s see the full explanation about Laravel below.

What is Laravel?

Before learning Laravel deeper, let’s first know about its definition. a framework for the purposes of developing an application or website using the PHP programming language. This platform is open source , so it can be used by anyone.

Since the release of Laravel in 2011 by Taylor Orwell, the use of Laravel has continued to increase. Laravel can simplify be easier, faster, and certainly safer. Laravel’s work focuses on the end-user part.

That is, Laravel focuses on providing clarity on writing and display in an application or website so that it is as understandable as possible. That way the functions of the developed application and website can be used properly. Well, this is the reason why you must learn Laravel.

This framework also provides a collection of various types of PHP libraries, which can make the work of developers and coders easier. In this PHP Library, you can find various software models and other components needed.

Laravel is a platform that is needed by developers because of its diverse and powerful features . Naturally, the search for Laravel tutorials continues to multiply.

Laravel’s ability to make the process of building applications and websites more fun and easy has been recognized by many developers. Until now, Laravel is still used by various companies and developers to develop various small to large scale projects.

Laravel Features

You can take advantage of various existing tools and features to learn Laravel. But of course you have to recognize it first. With these features, you can build applications and websites in a more effective and efficient way. Some of Laravel’s excellent features are as follows:

This feature is a built-in tool in the form of a Laravel command line. The function of this feature is to create instructions and automate repetitive Depository Institutions Email List programming tasks. In addition to these functions, Artisan can also be used to build database structures and help manage migrations.

This is what is touted as a treasure trove for developers an n Modularity, you can find a collection of modules and libraries. You can use Modularity to increase the functionality of the application or website being developed. In addition, Modularity can also simplify the update process .

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The next superior feature of Laravel isbe Country List a Composer. In use, this feature is also often referred to as dependencies management . All dependencies are stored in the composer. Son file format . Thus, it allows files to be placed in the website’s main folder.


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