Negotiating SEO Consulting Rates: Tips and Tactics

If you don’t know where Negotiating SEO to start looking or simply don’t have inspiration, you can investigate possibilities starting from a horizontal website that touches on several topics. What we will do is examine the organic traffic of that website to find out which URLs have the most visits and which keywords are ranking for them. Let’s look at an example with the well-known website I’m going to use DinoRANK’s Visibility module to get the first data. dinorank visibility The first thing we see is that there are several results that are not useful, such as, for example, all those that include the name of the website in the keyword (brand keyword) and that indicate.

In addition excessively Negotiating SEO general keywords appear such as

A search intention that does not top industry data interest us. Because? Because whoever searches for “very easy cooking” is looking for the cooking posts on this website, so they will never click on our niche. In addition, excessively general keywords appear such as “turpentine” that do not interest us a priori either. It is necessary to filter this data so, to do this, we are going to export the information in an Excel by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the table that shows DinoRANK. excel facilisimo Ok, now we have to start “cleaning” this file.

The first thing we see is that there are several results that are not useful

The first thing we are going to do is Country List sort the keywords to see which are the long tail keywords that have the greatest number of words. Why are we doing this? Because the longer a keyword is, the easier it is to position in theory, and therefore they will help us get our website to start attracting traffic as soon as possible. Let’s follow these steps: Create a new column called “No. words” In the first cell place this formul In the formula replace B2 with the first keyword cell, in this step A3 Press Enter and drag down to copy this formula to the rest of the cells. Select all the information and create a custom filter taking the “No.

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