Fanta turns the moon into the largest vending machine in the universe

Fanta launches a social media campaign on the occasion of the lunar eclipse. As the brand points out in the campaign spot. Humanity has spent millennia looking at the sky for spiritual or scientific reasons. But for the first time humanity would look to the Earth’s only natural satellite in search of the popular orange drink. The campaign developed in collaboration with the creative agency Wunderman Thompson, who turned the moon into the largest vending machine in the universe for the brand. The key is to make small changes that help us achieve a big impact.

Here are some ideas

Get around on foot. If the distance you have to travel is not that long. Take the opportunity to go for a walk. Leave your car parked a little category email list further away or leave earlier so you don’t have to use public transportation. Walk while talking on the phone.The time you spend on calls can be better spent if you also use it to walk around a bit. After all. You’ll be so distracted by your call that you won’t have a chance. Complain or feel like you’re doing an intense activity. Choose the stairs elusive lunar eclipse that will not be repeate. March 2025, to launch a campaign where they transformed the gray color. The moon into the brand’s bright orange.

Fans of the brand in Mexico

Made use of the curious machine by taking a photograph of the moon during the eclipse along with the hashtag #Fantamoon and the corresponding Country List tag to the official Fanta México account: In this way, Fanta’s Community Managers sent them codes that they could redeem at their favorite McDonald’s or 7Eleven establishments. «People have looked to the heavens for inspiration for centuries. “You could say that this idea fell from the sky, or more precisely, from the galaxy.” Dany Minaker, and Sebastian Tarazaga pointed out . The duo holds the positions of general creative directors of the agency Wunderman Thompson Global and Chief Communications Officers of Wunderman Thompson LATAM.

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