McDonald’s celebrates the premiere of Black Panther

The premiere of the, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comes with a campaign together. With McDonald’s , who celebrate the Black Panther film. Special edition of the “Happy Meal.” The spot has been created by creative agency DDB Chicago and celebrates children’s excitement when their favorite superhero looks like them. The classic children’s menu of the American hamburger chain is dressed as the Marvel superhero to show that hero stories are not just fiction. 

McDonald's launches a tribute to Black Panther

The American fast food chain published a photo on November 2 announcing. The collaboration with Marvel. A limited edition of the classic top industry data McDonald’s “Happy Meal” dressed. In the typical Black Panther costume. In addition, ten figures belonging to the history of the Marvel superhero. The arrival of the second part of Black Panther. In movie theaters also becomes a tribute to Chadwick Boseman , who played Prince T’Challa in all Marvel films to date. The actor died due to his fight against cancer at the age of 43, last year 2020. Forget the elevator and use the stairs of buildings. When you have to go up or down four floors or less, your body will probably tolerate you choosing this option.

New movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Do it progressively: every day, one more plant. Move during your breaks. Whether you work at home or in an office, it’s good to take time to Country List rest and you don’t necessarily have to sit still to do it. Going outside and breathing can also be beneficial for you. Organize or join an excursion. As Jennifer Healan, vice president of marketing, marketing content and engagement at McDonald’s United States, noted, “The first Black Panther movie inspired a new generation of Marvel lovers . And the reason was the powerful story he told, brought to life thanks to a talented cast.

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