Using a unique domain can make your site easy for visitors to remember. One of Thecla’s extensions that can make stand out is the XYZ domain. Compared to which is already quite mushrooming, the XYZ domain is still a newer extension and has a relatively small number of users. The presence of the XYZ domain which has not been long is the reason why its users are still limited. Even if it sounds a little foreign, this unique extension can actually open up opportunities for your site. To find out if the XYZ domain extension is suitable for your site, it’s best to find out what the advantages are from this review first.

What Are XYZ Domains?

XYZ domain is a domain extension newly launched by Daniel Nigari in 2014. This extension is being touted as a future replacement How come ? This relates to the notion of the   domain that has existed since the first appearance of the internet.

The domain extension is considered too Lumber and Wood Manufacturers Email Lists old and already associated with the old generation. His name, which consists of 3 letters, even represents the faces of three generations, namely generations X, Y, and Z. Daniel Nigari deliberately made this name have a unique characteristic.

SEO-Friendly Domain Extensions

XYZ domains are extensions indexed by Google. Initially, it was known that in 2018 the XYZ domain extension was still not indexed by the Google search engine. Website visitors with this domain must enter the Google Search page first instead of directly accessing sites with XYZ domains through their domain names.

In its development now the XYZ domain has received the same treatment as other domains by Google. You can develop the potential of your site by using No need to worry, sites with XYZ domains can compete fairly with various other popular domain sites.

Industry Email List

The XYZ domain name represents three generations, X, Y, and Z. Generation X is the birth year (1961 to 1980), Generation Y is born from 1981 to 1995, and Generation Z is born from 1996 to 2010.

Even though it designates a specific generation, the XYZ domain indirectly unites these three generations. Anyone from all three be Country List a generations can use an XYZ domain. Not only that, the image that brings a new impression also makes this domain extension usable by other generations.

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